Paul SchmidtsFounder & CEO


Paul Schmidts is a seasoned CEO and serial entrepreneur with broad leadership expertise across technology, software, listings. With over 10 years of executive experience, he has proven success in building and managing large opportunities through to project design, implementation and completion. His negotiation skills extend beyond the private sector decision-makers having an extensive background working with top government officials to achieve project goals. Pauls vision includes but not limited to FLUXORIN the top decentralized music streaming platform.

Fluxorin comes up as a decentralized platform. That is our strength compared to other ICO’s.

Paul said in an interview in New York back in January 2017 ‘’The dream that comes with fluxorin is to explore the features of paid subscription on a decentralized blockchain Network. This model will immensely reward and promote the creators of the work at a low cost to the subscribers.’’ Fluxorin has done a whole lot of great work behind the scene for up to two and a half years with Paul and the team members have had to in 15 countries in that period. Paul stated that fluxorin is a reality that needs to be realized

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